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Jewel Quackenbush MCC

Welcome to Quackenbush Coaching!

I am Jewel Quackenbush, a Master Certified Coach specializing in leadership and executive coaching. I partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their professional and personal development. As a professional coach, I facilitate a blueprint for growth. This collaboration serves my clients and enables them to reach their fullest potential. If we can dream and believe it, we can achieve it!

I have extensive experience working with the coaching, training, and hospitality industries.

I am passionate about assisting organizations and individuals in accomplishing their goals by exploring and honing their powers of creativity, process, and communication so that the path to fulfillment is clear and attainable. 

I promote transformational, personal, and organizational change, business growth, leadership development, talent management, employee engagement, productivity, and communication.


Coaching Services

Coaching Packages: Purchase four 1-hour sessions receive the first session free.

One-On-One, Group Coaching, Leadership Coaching

Coaches seeking mentorship hours for ICF credentialing

What People Say

“When I reflect on my professional path to date, it is with a full heart that I recognize it all began with the guidance and belief of Jewel Quackenbush. Jewel was an extremely empathetic and intuitive leader and used those traits as a platform to help springboard my colleagues and I towards success. For me, the road wasn’t always smooth and bump-free. Jewel is authentic in her interest and has invested in real-time in helping me find my direction. During my time working for Jewel, she made me think about the person I was and who I ultimately wanted to become. I wholeheartedly support and promote Jewel Quackenbush as THE best professional who will pay attention, listen and help guide any career-oriented person, young or old, to become a courageous and dependable leader. Thank you, Jewel, for everything :)”

-Dani Feigenber Business Development at CTC Destination Management, a DMC Network Company

“She’s a wonderfully positive, motivated, and intelligent leader.”

-Brendan Healy, Actor

Jewel is the consummate professional. Not simply a mentor-motivator well versed in bringing out the best in the teams, departments and divisions she leads by example. No. She is a subject matter expert who shares her vast wealth of knowledge and experience. This, and her irrepressible personality makes anyone who is fortunate to come in contact with her, want to be better. She is an incomparable asset to any organization fortunate to put her to work – which she actively seeks out. But it is her impact beyond where she is planted that is her signature. She was always available to guide and counsel and never too high up the ladder to roll her sleeves up and tear down any barriers to vision -whether productivity or company culture. Skills and competence she has sloshing over at the sides – nothing confined her. ‘It’s all possible’ defines her. But her behavior and professional comportment is her hallmark. She creates company culture, and walks it as an example daily. Yes. There’s only one, Jewel. A rare Jewel.

-John Dowd, Service Consulting Director

“Jewel Quackenbush brought clarity and positivity to our coaching session. She sees the talent, kindness and gifts in her clients when life overwhelms them. I’m very thankful for her work.”

-Alissa Taglione, Coach and Consultant


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