Entitled Enabled Rockstars

  Ever hear the expression: Same issue, different place? When you hear this expression, are you able to apply it to a current situation in your life right now? Whether it is work, home, or otherwise? You are probably able to do so because there is a negative pattern that has developed that needs toContinue reading “Entitled Enabled Rockstars”

How Do You Show Up? (Part III) Nasty People

It was fall 2005. I was in the prime of my training career at one of the best hotels I have had the pleasure of working for. It was my favorite hotels not just because it was beautiful, but the people I worked with were just divine. The leaders made it easy to work there. ItContinue reading “How Do You Show Up? (Part III) Nasty People”

Exceeding Expectations

“Just having satisfied customers is just not good enough anymore”. Spoken like a true hospitality guru.  Ken Blanchard’s book Raving Fans have some excellent training tips and advice for those of us who are serious about service. I have to admit we all get complacent. We all become disappointed with the way humans act andContinue reading “Exceeding Expectations”

The Gift Of Empowerment

Empower: To give power or authority to; to authorize; to enable to permit. In one word “trust.” Empowerment is sometimes the blessing or curse of any company. Where there is no empowerment, generally there is bad service, and the quality of the product begs positive attention. Yesterday, I went into one of my favorite produce markets.Continue reading “The Gift Of Empowerment”

“Sneeze Guard Effect”

Have you ever been to a restaurant where they have “sneeze guards”? These nifty devices are in place to protect open food from germs and dirty hands. I for one am grateful they are in place! Subway, Chipotle, Quiznos? Have you ever watched and monitored your behavior or the behavior of people around you whenContinue reading ““Sneeze Guard Effect””

This Thing Called “Hospitality”

Do you ever wonder how we existed before online travel agents? You know all the travel sites that end with .com? What did we do when we wanted to book a hotel room? Who did we call? How did we choose? Was it word of mouth? Brand familiarity? Sales? Deals? 20 years ago I wasContinue reading “This Thing Called “Hospitality””