What Are My Actions Saying About Me?

A common saying goes, “actions speak louder than words,” and itholds a lot of truth. Our actions reflect our priorities, beliefs, and desires.In today’s world, people are often more concerned with what they say than whatthey do. But, if you genuinely want something, your actions will show how badlyyou want it. The first step inContinue reading “What Are My Actions Saying About Me?”

What Is Shadow Work?

While pursuing my certifications as a Master Certified Coach, I had the privilege of learning a variety of therapeutic modalities.One of those that fascinated me is Shadow Work.As coaches, we need to ensure that our mental houses are in order so that we are fully present for our clients.I quickly learned that shadow work isContinue reading “What Is Shadow Work?”

Leadership and Discomfort

Discomfort & Leadership No one ever said that being a leader is easy. Sometimes it’s scary, and Sometimes it is infuriating. Most times, it’s uncomfortable. So Let’s talk about discomfort. Nowadays, leadership is a scarce commodity because few people are willing to go through what is uncomfortable and step into leadership. (Seth Godin-Tribes)  We fail toContinue reading “Leadership and Discomfort”

Open Letter To Myself

Inspiring people to live purpose-driven lives; This is the motto for my company. I am a Professional Leadership Coach, writer, speaker, mentor, daughter, sister, mother, wife, and friend. I have had break downs, and I have witnessed breakthroughs. I practice what I preach and work hard to lead by example. I am an executive whoContinue reading “Open Letter To Myself”

Leadership During Hard Times

Leading – and Succeeding – in a Downturn Your positive energy will help your team get through hard times. However, when the economic conditions are challenging, this excitement and positive energy can weaken. People feel the pressures of work, and they fear for their jobs. These worries and fears present a significant challenge for leadersContinue reading “Leadership During Hard Times”

So What Now?

Recently we find ourselves submerged in quite a bit of adversity as a nation. We are in positions where we are being told to use discretion when socializing. The new buzz word has become “social distancing.” Many people who suffer from seasonal allergies are now wondering if they have been exposed to COVID-19 somehow. WeContinue reading “So What Now?”