Lessons Learned From My Biggest Critic

I have recently learned that I have been a Coach in one form or another most of my life. Being a hospitality service guru and trainer was only a part of it. The beginning of my coaching journey started when I became a mom, and I never realized it. Being a mom shaped me intoContinue reading “Lessons Learned From My Biggest Critic”

Entitled Enabled Rockstars

  Ever hear the expression: Same issue, different place? When you hear this expression, are you able to apply it to a current situation in your life right now? Whether it is work, home, or otherwise? You are probably able to do so because there is a negative pattern that has developed that needs toContinue reading “Entitled Enabled Rockstars”

How Do You Show Up? (Part III) Nasty People

It was fall 2005. I was in the prime of my training career at one of the best hotels I have had the pleasure of working for. It was my favorite hotels not just because it was beautiful, but the people I worked with were just divine. The leaders made it easy to work there.┬áItContinue reading “How Do You Show Up? (Part III) Nasty People”